Aeterna Inizio

Get ready for a thrilling performance! The all-electric car Inizio.

EVs will inspire a new age of technical training

For consumers, service manpower as well as manufactures, the whole ecosystem will be at renaissance giving birth to new upgraded living, when condition monitoring and digital travel is the new norm.


Clean Green and Lean

Feel touch re-live the experience of numbness when you travel digitally breathing responsibly the cleanest air without the factor of shifts as you throttle


Designed for all the roads

Developed with drive-by-wire technology for City start stops to a weekend long drive regenerating as you brake with 40% more efficiency than the product it replaces.


Comfortable. Easy Going.

Charge at home or fastcharge at our charging station network. Slow charge 8 hours fast charge 30 mins.


Our Inizio is just for you

Superfast - 160+ kmph

0-60 in 4.5 seconds

Pure muscle - 240 Nm Torque

Long drive - 300+ Km per charge

Instantenous Torque 280 Nm

Specially Made for the stop & go city traffic

Slow charge 8 hours fast charge 30 mins

Collision avoidance - life saving AI

ANA smart neural assistant

6 years of comprehensive warranty