Dream Big With Us

Get ready for a thrilling performance! The all-electric car Inizio.

About Us

Started & conceptualised in 2016, to develop EV for Indian market; our journey started by developing the drive train, which can attain speeds of more than 150 km/hr+ and range 300km+. Our core work has been to get all Indian components except batteries at the moment so that the product designed achieves an overall 15-20% lower development cost over other OEM’s who installs imported drive train. The solution we provide in our drive ecosystem is as per Indian Power Distribution System, hence requiring less Electrical and Electronics components, hence lower cost and more efficiency.

Among major OEMs in the country, all works on imported technology. By using indigenous system, we not only can reduce cost but also affordability among masses, and that is where our expertise lies. We are currently on works in our first prototype.

On the backdrop of Indian Automobile sector, which has 8 major OEM’s who has more than 2% market share, and being such a vast market with an average CAGR of 10-12%, the automotive sector is only to grow. Our first vision is to build a plant of 30000 units per annum expandable to 60000 per annum in next 3-4 years so that we can target a 1% market share by 2030, and gradually grow from there.